To be a photographer in Houston

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01 May 2016 in Genel

Author : Admin

This was not my dream to be a photographer in Houston.. i did not imagine to do wedding photography in Houston Texas or take photos for families.
when i was in Paris, fashion photography was my big dream and i was running for that.. Istanbul is very special for me. I started work for  fashion photography in Istanbul once. New York, it is very special to be a photographer in NYC. You can not find all part of photography in one city.. But New York is open for all.. The best city in the world for photographers..
I was in Miami after NYC before Houston.. if you are in Miami and love fashion photography, it is great location and perfect weather… if you are good to find client, Miami is one of the best location for photographers

So i did not expect but i am here.. In Houston.. i am going to love Houston.. about many different back rounds for sessions, nice and positive people.. my goal is to be a best photographer in Houston. Wedding Photography is a art in Houston.. Lets do art.. i love to be part of art..

Also maternity photography was my first experience in Houston..  Just i am little bit curious about commercial and fashion photography in Houston.. That will be breath for me…

Have a great day,night, week.month, year, years and life….. Elio

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